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We Offer Clock Kits & Clock Plans to build the internal workings of all-wood clocks, gears and all! We specialize in 14th and 17th century, hand-made clocks!

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Clock Kit Specials Of The Month! Just $139.00 For The Baltic Birch Puzzle Clock And Only $99.00 For Our Very Special Wood Compressed, MDF 28% Resin-Board Kits (Good MDF Wood Is Very Nice Wood To Work With Because It Is So Strong And Extremely Durable! It is Tougher Than Almost All Woods, And It Is Very Hard To Find!). Please note: All prices are U.S.D.


Now Available!

The Amazing Puzzle Clock Kit

The Hour Hand Clock Kit $135

The Puzzle Clock Kit

In Baltic Birch Wood!



The Colonial Clock $340

A Finished Clock


"The Lucky Charm Clock Kit!" Our Newest Clock Kit  $99.00


The Cubic Clock $325

A Finished Clock



The Tower Clock $335

A Finished Clock


The Tree Clock $320

A Finished Clock



The Puzzle Clock Kit
Driven by A Pop-Can $85


The "Athena Edition" Kit
Just $99.00



Puzzle Clock Instructions with Templates and Hardware Only

Page 1 Puzzle Clock Diagrams

Page 2 Puzzle Clock Diagrams

Page 3 Puzzle Clock Diagrams

Read About How Joe Monincx Has Attracted The Attention Of Clockmakers Around The World, as Published in the "Canadian Woodworking Magazine," December, 1999

Please take a moment to see Joe Monincx and his highly prized clocks at Canada's very special "One-Of-A-Kind" show held yearly. People come from all over the world for this spectacular event!


The Great History Of Clocks



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